The Vitale Bros. Partners for Horizon West Bay

Artist and owner of the Vitale Bros., Johnny Vitale, joined City of Largo Team Members and architects, ASD Sky, for an exclusive tour of our Horizon West Bay project on Friday, Jan 26. With over 30 years of experience, brothers Johnny and Paul Vitale have left their artistic mark on walls throughout Tampa Bay. Their influence has played a significant role in transforming St. Petersburg into a world-class arts destination.

The Vitale Bros. were selected by the Horizon West Bay project team and were awarded a contract by the Largo City Commission to design and paint over 3,500 sq feet of mural and art displays, breathing life into Horizon West Bay's internal and external walls. The largest mural will adorn the public plaza and stand five stories tall.

Designed as a vibrant community space, Horizon West Bay celebrates art in public spaces, enriching our community by fostering culture, emotions, and creativity. The Vitale Bros. are the ideal collaborators to elevate Largo's Downtown brand and identity. Stay tuned for concept drawings and more that highlight the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay.