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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration John Curp City Manager [email protected] (727)-586-7454
Administration Maggie Paluch Assistant City Manager [email protected] (727)-586-7454
Administration Diane Bruner City Clerk [email protected] (727)-587-6710
Administration Meridy Semones Performance & Budget Director [email protected] (727)-587-6727
Administration Kate Oyer Communications & Engagement Director [email protected] (727)-586-7455
Community Development Cheryl Coller Reed Community Development Director [email protected] (727)-587-6740 x 7300
Community Development Robert Hatton Building Official [email protected] (727)-586-7488 x 7417
Community Development Chase Bergeron Community Standards Manager [email protected] (727)-587-6799 x 7223
Community Development Bryan Pederson Economic Development Manager [email protected] (727)-586-7360
Environmental Services Shelby Beauchemin Director [email protected] (727)-507-4460
Environmental Services William Brown Assistant Director [email protected] (727)-507-4468
Environmental Services Vivian Gleaves Environmental Manager [email protected] (727)-518-3061
Human Resources Susan Sinz Director [email protected] (727)-587-6716
Finance Rebecca Spuhler Director [email protected] (727)-587-6747
Largo Public Library Casey McPhee Director [email protected] (727)-587-6715
Mayor & Commission Woody Brown Mayor [email protected] (727)-587-6702
Mayor & Commission Michael Smith Commissioner [email protected] (727)-587-6702
Mayor & Commission Curtis Holmes Commissioner cholmes@largocom._ (727)-524-9090
Mayor & Commission Jamie Robinson Commissioner [email protected] (727)-692-1240
Mayor & Commission Donna Holck Commissioner [email protected] (727)-743-6601
Mayor & Commission Eric Gerard Commissioner [email protected] (727)-580-9146
Mayor & Commission Chris Johnson Commissioner [email protected] (727)-587-6702
Largo Police Department Mike Loux Police Chief [email protected] (727)-587-6730
Largo Police Department Joel Quattlebaum Senior Services Officer [email protected] (727)-587-6730
Public Works Shelby Beauchemin Director [email protected] (727)-586-7418
Recreation, Parks & Arts Krista Pincince Director [email protected] (727)-587-6720
Largo Fire Rescue Chad Pittman Fire Chief [email protected] (727)-587-6737
Largo Fire Rescue Summer Mahr Public Educator [email protected] (727)-587-6737
Community Development Mark Richard Downtown Administrator [email protected] (727)-588-1673 x 1673
Largo Police Department Police Info Police Department Non-Emergency Contact [email protected] (727)-587-6730