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Streets, Drainage, Water and Sewer

I'd like to report a Streets, Drainage, Water or Sewer concern

Building & Permits

I'd like a Code Enforcement/Community Standards and Building Permit Assessment Search

Please fill out this form online to request your search

I'd like to request a permit for right-of-way, reclaimed water or sanitary sewer concurrency
Please call Engineering Services at 727-587-6713

Parks and City Owned Trees

I'd like to report a parks or city owned tree concern

Public Safety

I'd like to file a Police Commendation or Complaint
I'd like to report a vehicular, pedestrian or bicycle safety concern
Submit the Service Request Form and select the "Streets & Stormwater" category
Submit a Notify Community Standards Form or call 727-587-6799

Filing an Anonymous Complaint Under State Law
In most cases you may report a code violation anonymously by calling 727-587-6799.
Any personal information you provide becomes part of the public record, which any other citizen has the right to review. Personal information is only required from a tenant or renter requesting an inspection of the inside of a rented home or apartment unit. In that case, the name and telephone number of the tenant requesting the inspection will become part of the public record. Any written or email material received or generated by the City Staff or Commission member becomes public record and state law requires that record to be made available for inspection by any citizen who requests it. This means it is impossible to provide anonymity to anyone who writes to the City via email or letter containing any personal information.

I'd like to report a HOMELESS PERSON CONCERN
Please call Largo Police at (727) 587-6730

Trash and Recycling

I'd like to request a solid waste service or issue
I'd like to request my Residential Automated Cart be Repaired or Replaced
Please contact Solid Waste Services at  727-587-6760 or email

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