Fire Inspections

In order to reduce injuries, death, and property loss caused by fire through the enforcement of state and local fire codes, Largo provides Fire Inspections to low and high-risk occupancies. View the details below for an overview on types of occupancies and fire inspection fee information. For questions and fire protection inspections, testing and maintenance paperwork email [email protected] or call 727-587-6714.

Low-hazard (triennial inspections)
Low hazard businesses operating within the Largo Fire Rescue service district will not receive a fee for the initial fire safety inspection or first re-inspection.

  • Initial inspection: No fee
  • First re-inspection if needed: No fee
  • The second re-inspection: $100 fee
  • All subsequent re-inspections: 150 fee each
High hazard and licensed businesses (annual inspections)
High and licensed businesses will be charged an initial inspection fee of $100 up to 10,000 square feet and additional $50 for each additional 10,000 square foot increments. Re-inspection fees are based on the information below.

Up to 10,000 Square Feet
  • Initial Inspection: $100
  • First re-inspection: No fee
  • Second re-inspection: $100
  • Subsequent inspections: $150
10,0001 and Up Square Feet
  • Initial Inspection: $100 + $50 per each 10,000 square feet
  • First re-inspection: No fee
  • Second re-inspection: Initial fee
  • Subsequent inspections: 1.5 times initial fee

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