A new ballot request will be needed for residents looking to vote by mail in future municipal or general elections. All current Vote-By-Mail requests expired on December 31, 2022, due to the passage of Florida Senate Bill 90 in 2021, which revised certain sections of the state's election laws. To request a mail ballot, visit or call 727-464-VOTE (8683).

The Largo City Commission is comprised of six City Commissioners and one Mayor, all elected in nonpartisan, at-large elections to four-year overlapping terms on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of even numbered years. The terms of office begin within five days after the results of the election have been certified.

The City Commission meets for Regular Meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6pm and at 4pm on the second Tuesday of each month for a Work Session. During a Work Session, issues requiring considerable discussion and presentation by staff are reviewed but formal action is not taken. In addition, Special Meetings and Work Sessions are conducted as necessary, particularly in connection with the budget review and adoption process. All Regular Meetings and Work Sessions are broadcast live and rerun throughout the week on the City’s cable channel and are also available on the City's website.

The City Clerk is designated as the City Elections Official. The City contracts with the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office to conduct the municipal general election; they hire and train the poll workers, print the ballots, provide voting equipment, and tabulate the results. The City Clerk prepares all election materials to the candidates accepts and maintains all required forms and campaign finance reports and provides these items to the public. The City Commission approves a 60-day candidate qualifying period for each election.

A candidate must be a qualified voter having continuously resided in the City for one year immediately prior to the date when he or she would take office if elected or whose residence was annexed into the City during the year immediately prior to the date when he or she would take office if elected and who has resided continuously at that residence for one year immediately prior to the date when he or she would take office if elected. Residency must be maintained throughout the term of office.

There are several requirements for seeking elected office, in addition to the residency and voter requirements mentioned above. As the first step in the campaign, each candidate is required to designate a campaign treasurer, open a campaign account in a local financial institution and submit a completed Statement of Candidate within 10 days after such designation. The City Charter requires that 200 registered voters of the City of Largo sign petitions nominating the individual for election to a specific seat on the City Commission. While the City of Largo does not assess a qualifying fee for candidates, the State requires that an election assessment in the amount of 1% of the salary of the position for which a candidate is seeking election must be paid to the City of Largo for forwarding to the Florida Elections Commission Trust Fund.

If you are interested in finding out more about Largo's elections or candidacy, contact the City Clerk's Office at 727-587-6710 or [email protected].

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