Current Utility Rates, Billing, and Service Information

Utility Information and Rates
Utility rates and charges are evaluated yearly and updated annually per City Commission adoption. On August 15, the City Commission passed a sewer and stormwater increase effective October 1, 2023.

Utility fees support the City of Largo’s continued efforts to increase the capacity and reliability of sanitation, water resources, and stormwater utilities. Fees also support the operations, maintenance, and infrastructure of those utilities. The City of Largo is currently working on a multi-year capital improvement plan and continues to sustain vital aging public infrastructure.

Fund FY2025 FY2026 FY2027 FY2028
Solid Waste* 20% - 10% -
Stormwater 20% 15% 15% -
Wastewater 5% 5% 5% -

*Rate increase schedule may need to be altered based on future increases or disposal fee rates paid to the Resource Recovery Facility, operated by Pinellas County.

Current Utility Rates
Sanitation Rates: Trash and Recycling Rates (

Sewer/Wastewater Rates: Sanitary Sewer Rates (

Water & Drainage: Water and Drainage Fees (

Previous, residential, in-city, monthly rates through September 30, 2023, and new rates effective October 1, 2023:
Service Previous Rates Increase % New Rates Total Increase
Sewer (Base) $25.03 12% $28.03 $3.00
Sewer (Usage) $3.06/1k Gals 12% $3.43/1k Gals $0.37/1k Gals
Stormwater $10.70 20% $12.84 $2.14
Garbage $23.30 0% $23.30 $0.00

*PCU bills bi-monthly

Ordering Service
Pinellas County Utilities (PCU) coordinates start-up and billing for sewer, trash/recycling collection and water/drainage services. A deposit will be required by residential customers based on meter size and number of services billed at the dwelling.  

PCU may waive deposits on residential properties with good account payment history. Pinellas County Utilities does accept letters of reference from qualified providers. All deposits must be paid in full at the time account is opened unless letters of reference are approved. 

For information on all services, ordering service, or payment methods, contact:

Pinellas County Utilities: Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (727) 464-4000

Commercial Accounts

Pinellas County Utilities requires deposits for all commercial accounts depending on water meter size and services billed to a commercial address.

The City of Largo proudly coordinates utility set up with Pinellas County Utilities hosting superior and centralized services, Pinellas County Utilities provides direct customer contact through the branch offices, and telephone center, other major functions include computer system file maintenance of account data, bi-monthly meter reading, reporting equipment failure/damage, and service problems for over 112,000 water meters. This process includes recording consumption, computing bills and collections for seven water and five sewer wholesale customers, and over 121,000 retail customers for water, sewer and reclaim fees.

Conduits for the City of Largo

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The City of Largo provides digital access to the interests against real property through Conduits™, an online portal to search for Utilities, Code Enforcements and Legal Liens/Release Fees. If you are associated with title companies, search agencies, escrow agents, and other real estate professionals, access can be obtained through your company and the City of Largo can help your company set up as a regular user.

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