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How do I apply for a job at the City of Largo?
How do I report an issue?
How do I apply to be a volunteer with the City of Largo?
How do I apply for a building permit?
Download a Permit Application 
Visit Building Services for more information
How do I request a smoke alarm installation?
How do I file a claim with Risk Management?

The Risk Management Division's primary objective is to facilitate the safety and protection of the resources of the City of Largo. Through proactive measures, Risk Management strives to:

  • Identify potential risks
  • Analyze and monitor possible impact to the City assets
  • Implement plans to optimize safety and manage risk

Services provided by the Risk Management Division:

  • Purchase and development of Property, Liability, and Workers' Compensation insurance programs
  • Administration of claims
  • Direction of Safety and Training
  • Guidance for the City's loss control and prevention programs

To Contact Risk Management:

Phone: 727-587-6716
Fax: 727-587-6782
City of Largo - Risk Management
201 Highland Avenue, N.E.
P.O. Box 296

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I report a sewer back-up or other sewer issue? 
  • Any incidents involving the City should be reported immediately at the location to the management on duty.
  • To report a claim to the City, please call, e-mail, or write to Risk Management (contact information is listed above).
  • Contact Risk Management with comments on safety practices within the City of Largo.


How do I apply to serve on an Advisory or Advocacy Board?
How do I apply to serve on the Youth Leadership Council?
How do I apply for a library card?
Apply for your free library card online or in person at Largo Public Library
How do I apply for Largo Housing Programs?
For Contractors: visit
How do I Report a Website issue? (Broken link, outdated content, etc.)


How do I contact City staff?
Go to Staff Directory 
Media Inquiries:
How do I contact City commission?
How do I contact Largo Police for a non-emergency issue?
For non-emergencies, email or call 727-587-6730.
How do I report about a code enforcement concern?
Complete a Notify Community Standards form


How do I download the latest Largo Today?
Go to Largo Today
How do I download a building permit application?
How do I download agendas and notices from any commission or committee meeting?
View agendas
View notices


How do I find my trash and recycling pick-up day?
How do I find park shelters or facility rental information?
Go to Rentals
Reserve a park shelter online
How do I find Largo on social media?
How do I find budget information?
Visit the Financial Center

How do I obtain a cemetery lot in Largo Cemetery?
How do I find updates on projects throughout the City?
Go to Projects & Development for updates on construction, development and redevelopment projects.
How do I find a citizen's guide to Largo services?


How do I rent a park shelter?
Rent a park shelter online
How do I reserve a room at the Library?
How do I rent a Largo Recreation facility for a party or event?

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