Sold on Largo Downpayment Assistance Program

The City's downpayment program seeks to help households reach the dream of homeownership.

The program can help with a 0% interest rate, 20 year deferred payment mortgage loan.
  • Up to $45,000 toward down payment/closing costs for households below 80% median income
  • Up to $35,000  toward downpayment/closing costs for households with income between 81-120% median income (Limited funding available for this income level)
  • Additional down payment funds may be available through State Bond Program
  • Income levels available to serve may be limited by funding availability throughout the year
To get started, contact the City's third-party Administrator: 

General Eligibility Requirements

Downpayment Program Income Limits

Homebuyer Classes & Counseling

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Other Available Downpayment Progarms