housing-rehabHome Improvement Program 
The City of Largo can provide income-eligible homeowners with items such as roof and air conditioner replacement, install of wheelchair ramps, and other health, safety and energy efficiency improvements.  

This program can provide a 0% interest  deferred mortgage (meaning no monthly payments are due) for health/safety/energy efficiency home improvements.  The mortgage is forgiven if you stay in the home for 15 years.  Let us assist you in selecting a contractor and managing the improvements as well.  Mobile homes built after June 1994 are eligible for limited improvements as well.

As part of the home improvement project, you may be eligible for:
Up to $5,000 Energy Grant
Up to $5,000 Barrier Removal Grant
What types of repairs are available? Who is eligible?
  • Roof repair/replacement
  • Electrical and plumbing repairs/upgrades
  • Air conditioning
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Handicap accessibility improvements
  • You are in Largo City limits
  • You own and live in the home as your primary residence
  • Your household income cannot exceed current income limits for the program
  • Maximum Just Value on Property Appraiser cannot be more than $255,500 or $327,000 depending on which funding source is available 
  • You have equity in your property
  • Your property is not located in a Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Mortgage(s) and property taxes are current on payments and NO equity line of credit or reverse mortgage liens are on the property
  • Home value limits may also apply (based on program funding sources)
  Household Size
Income Limit 1 2 3 4 5 6
Up to 80% Median Income $53,500 $61,150 $68,800 $76,400 $82,550 $88,650
81-120% Median Income* $80,280 $91,680 $103,200 $114,600 $123,840 $132,960
*Limited funding available for this income category
To get pre-qualified, email [email protected] or call
727-586-7489 Ext. 7314 
Home Replacement Program

Fair Housing/Eviction Resources

grandma and kidsFair Housing Legal Counseling:
Gulfcoast Legal Services
Community Law Program

Other Resources:
Pinellas County Office on Human Rights
Federal Eviction Moratorium Information (CDC)

Accessory Dwelling Unit Program (Downtown)
AARP Designs
Solar Energy & Resource Conservation Programs
Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF): provides loans, project management and a list of approved contractors for home improvement projects that improve energy efficiency, water conservation and storm preparedness in residential homes

High Efficiency Toilet Retrofit Rebate: Tampa Bay Water Wise is offering rebates of up to $100 to customers who replace their existing toilets that use 3.5 gallons or more per flush with high efficiency EPA WaterSense certified toilets. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website.

Smart Irrigation Controllers Rebate: Tampa Bay Water Wise is offering rebates of up to $250 to homeowners who over-water their landscapes and install a soil moisture sensor or evapotranspiration controller. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website.

Shallow Wells for Outdoor Irrigation Rebate: Tampa Bay Water Wise is offering rebates of up to $1,000 to homeowners designated as deficit or excessive irrigators for the installation of a shallow well to replace potable water irrigation. More information on the Tampa Bay Water Wise website.

Attic Insulation Upgrades:  Duke Energy offers a rebate up to $800 to homeowners who need insulation upgrades. Insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Without proper insulation, the hot or cold air outside can seep into your living space, causing your air conditioner or heater to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable. This can lead to higher-than-expected energy bills.

Composting Bin Program: Learn more about Largo's composting program and how to get started.

Pinellas 2022 Solar Co-op: The solar co-op will help area homeowners and small business owners learn about solar together and purchase solar panels and/or electric vehicle chargers at a group rate from a single installer. Together, co-op members will learn about solar energy and leverage their numbers to get competitive  pricing and quality solar installations.  After a competitive bidding process facilitated by SUN, a group of volunteers from the co-op will select a solar company to complete the co-op's installations. Learn more or sign up at Pinellas 2022 Solar Co-op at solarunitedneigbhors.org/pinellas.