US19 / Roosevelt Boulevard - Special Area Plan

Multi-disciplinary Team Workshop (May 17, 2019)Welcome to the dedicated information hub for the US 19 / Roosevelt Boulevard Special Area Plan (SAP). The proposed planning area is centered at the intersection of two primary corridors (US Highway 19 and Roosevelt/East Bay Drive) and is approximately 900 acres in size. This plan intends to create an attractive, sustainable and economically vital urban destination that incorporates a higher degree of mixed uses, density and accessibility to multiple modes of transportation. 

The SAP for US 19 / Roosevelt Boulevard will identify opportunities, strategies, capital improvements and design standards to ensure a comprehensive approach (see guiding framework image below) that addresses six main topics of interest:
  1. Land Use
  2. Transportation
  3. Housing
  4. Econonic Development
  5. Public Spaces
  6. Natural Resources
Special Area Plan Guiding Framework:
  • Urban Design Standards/Principles/Techniques
  • Placemaking Principles
  • Multimodial Networks & Connectivity
  • Gateway/Mid-County Master Plan 

Supporting the City's Planning and Development Division, whose aim is to implement the community's vision for future growth and development, the Project Team for this SAP spans multiple City departments and will ensure compliance and consistency with the City's Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, Largo Activity Center Urban Design Guidelines, and the Pinellas Countywide Plan Rules and Strategy.

Additionally, the City is partnering with Kimley-Horn and Associates (KHA), an external planning, engineering and design consulting firm, to support all phases of the project including: public input, outreach, analysis and implementation. KHA brings local context into strategic planning and decision-making and has supported the City on prior projects such as: Largo Mall Special Area Plan, Multi-modal Plan, and the Comprehensive Development Code (CDC). 

The Project Team will be providing opportunities for public input for local stakeholders and agencies. Whether you're a business, resident, investor, developer or other community member or professional, we encourage you to stay connected and receive alerts on upcoming meetings and input session dates.

Upcoming public outreach efforts will include:
  • engaging business stakeholders,
  • regional agency meetings,
  • local stakeholder interviews,
  • and public forums. 

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