Sustainable Business Guide

Largo Sustainable Business Guide
Resources to help guide your business towards a more sustainable triple bottom line. 

Businesses small and large with sustainability efforts are proven to be more successful because they demonstrate a focus on economic, environmental and social systems. These pillars of sustainable business are also known as people, planet and profit. Sustainable businesses stand out and outperform their peers. As your partners in building our community, the City of Largo is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. 

Sustainability is one of three primary focus areas of the City of Largo’s Strategic Plan, which serves as the blueprint for City operations and helps move us towards our vision of being the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay. 

Sustainability Checklist

  • Reduce waste by reusing and recycling materials 
  • Request a free business energy and water audit
  • Track and reduce your carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Give back to the community through volunteering or other support
  • Create transparency in your supply chain and use sustainable materials
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace and supply chain
  • Provide plant-centric and healthy snacks and meals
  •  Ensure employee health and success
  • Reduce transportation impacts of your goods or services
  • Incorporate sustainability into your governance and structure
  • Create a Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility Plan
  • Purchase items in bulk when feasible
  • Source products and services locally
  • Engage with your stakeholders frequently

Contact [email protected] for more information about these items. 

Sustainable Tips for People

Volunteering as part of your organization can do more than make you feel good, it can help strengthen your company. Improving culture improves employee attraction and retention while serving your community. Looking for an organization to volunteer with? Try Keep Pinellas Beautiful at or reach out to the City at [email protected].

Staff engagement is key to increasing sustainability efforts. Consider establishing a Sustainability Team or Special Project Team to help with special projects. Want to learn more? Contact [email protected].

Nearly 70% of millennials say having a strong Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability Plan increases their likelihood of staying with and organization. 

Sustainable Tips for Planet

Reducing waste and lowering disposal costs:
Reducing waste- Try the free and discounted business item exchange at
Free Cutting Waste at Work Program at
Recycle- To start a recycling program or for questions on what is recyclable visit

Achieving 100 percent renewable energy:
Get a free energy audit and info on rebate incentives at
Connect with the Suncoast Sierra Club for more info about financial and environmental savings with renewable energy at [email protected]

Reducing water use to lower your utility bill: 
Get tips on how to lower your utility bill and save water at or call (727)464-4000
Pinellas County Extension Sustainable Living Team can connect you and your employees with resources to support your triple bottom line at [email protected]
Don't forget to protect Largo’s waterways by letting Only Rain Down the Drain!

Ditching the plastic and going Ocean-Friendly: 
Get Ocean-Friendly certified by swapping out single-use plastics at your salon, office, restaurant or more. Learn more at

Sustainable Tips for Profit

Connect with local resources to strengthen your business and bottom line. Find resources with Largo’s Economic Development Division and at The Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce is another great way to empower your business, visit them at [email protected]

An organization’s supply chain and purchasing policy greatly impact the bottom line. Access to free business assistance and mentorship is available through the Pinellas County SCORE program at [email protected]

86% of consumers want businesses to support social and environmental issues. 66% would spend more on a sustainable product.

“To Renew Our Natural Environment and Ensure Sustainability for Generations”
View the printable version of this guide. Questions? Contact [email protected].

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