Only Rain Down the Drain

Stormwater is the number one source of water pollution in our area. Stormdrains lead directly to our waterways with no filters from our yards, driveways and homes. Rain can carry chemicals, oil and trash from our yards to the Bay and the Gulf where it can harm fish and other aquatic life. For issues related to stormwater including discharges, spills or illegal dumping please visit our Report an Issue page.

How Can You Help Improve Our Waterways?

Scoop the Poop
Up to 50 thousand pounds of pet waste is unscooped every day in Pinellas.
Fertilizer Ban
Avoid certain fertilizers during the summer ban (June 1-Sep 30) as these nutrients can harm aquatic life.
Pool Draining
Drain pools and wash your car over grass to filter out harmful chemicals.
Grass Clippings
Keep leaves and grass clippings in your yard and out of the stormdrain.
Keep car oil and other chemicals out of your driveway and off of the ground to prevent runoff.
Illegal Dumping
Report illegal dumping of chemicals and trash to

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