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In partnership with the
Pinellas County UF/IFAS Extension Office the City of Largo is excited to launch a pilot Largo Rain Barrel Program. By participating in this program, you can help reduce stormwater runoff, improve local water quality, and create a more sustainable Largo. Using a rain barrel is easy to do and it can help keep your lawn or garden healthy and looking great all year round. You can also learn more about visit the UF/IFAS Extension Office website to find more resources for your rain barrel, including the guide by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Rain Barrels: A Homeowner’s Guide.

For questions regarding rain barrel delivery or to report a damaged barrel, contact Largo Public Works at [email protected] or 727-587-6718.

(Note: Barrels shown in the video may be different than the barrel in the City of Largo program)

How do I request a rain barrel?

Complete an Interest Form
It’s easy! City of Largo residents is invited to attend a virtual rain barrel workshop July 23 from 9-10 am. Residents can simply complete this interest form to reserve a rain barrel. You will be emailed the zoom link for the workshop closer to the date of the event. Quantities are limited and priority goes to workshop attendees. To find out if you live within the City of Largo please visit PinellasCounty.org/Municipalities. 

What are the benefits of rain barrels?

Water Conservation
Drinking water is a precious and limited resource. Collecting rainwater can reduce the overall use of this potable water in a community.
Water Quality
 Rainwater collects nutrients from your roof, yard, driveway and other surfaces as it runs into our stormdrains. These drain lead directly to our waterways which become more polluted with additional runoff. Collecting rainwater on your property helps to reduce this pollution and decrease the likelihood of events like harmful algal blooms.
Reduced Utility Bills
Using rainwater can directly lower your utility bill! By using this as a source of water for the outside of your home, you can lower monthly bills.
Protection for your Home or Yard
Collecting rainwater away can help reduce the amount of water that may settle around the foundation of your home and garden so that it can be used more intentionally.

How do I set up my rain barrel?

Stable Installation
Make sure your new barrel is installed on a flat, level surface that supports the full bottom of the barrel. Find a slightly elevated platform is possible, such as cinder blocks, which will give additional water pressure and provide clearance for connecting a hose or filling a watering can.
Tipping or Climbing Prevention
A 50-gallon rain barrel can weigh over 400 pounds! Do not allow anyone or anything to climb around, on, or in the rain barrel.
Overflow System
Either direct excess rainwater away from your barrel onto a pervious surface, or link multiple rain barrels together.
Barrel Positioning
The amount of sunlight your rain barrel receives can cause it to become brittle or possibly break over time. Install the barrel in a shady spot when possible.
Barrel Protection
You can even seal your container with a protective coating. This will prolong the longevity of your barrel. 
Filtration and Mosquitoes
Install a screen over the opening in your barrel to prevent mosquitoes and debris from entering the barrel.  Standing water is an ideal habitat for mosquitoes to breed in, so be sure to include this important piece of your barrel to ensure a safe, healthy and fun area for rain water collection. Even with a fine mesh screen, you can collect a half-gallon of water per square foot of roof area during a 1-inch rainfall.

My rain barrel is set up, now what?

Routine Annual Cleaning
Clean out the rain barrel at least yearly, especially before the rainy season to ensure maximum water collection potential.
Use Your Collected Rainwater
That is it! Use a hose or watering can to use the water in your yard or garden. Be sure to use it frequently so the water isn’t sitting in the barrel for long periods of time.
Things to Keep in Mind
Remember: Do NOT drink water from your rain barrel. Collected rainwater should only be used for watering vegetation and not for ingestion. Have fun and enjoy your new rain barrel!

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