Budget Amendments

The budget amendments listed below amend the current Fiscal Year budget by appropriating revenues and/or expenditures in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the Largo City Charter. If you would like additional information, please contact the Office of Performance and Budget.

FY 2019 Budget Amendments

Ordinance #: 
Date Approved: 1/22/19
Title: Appropriating Expenditures in the Amount of $80,000 Within the Engineering Services Department Wastewater, General, And Stormwater Fund Budgets for the Addition of 1.00 FTE Construction Inspector Position and Supporting Equipment
Amount: $80,000
Funding Sources: General, Stormwater, Wastewater

Ordinance #: 2019-36
Date Approved: 4/2/19
Title: Appropriating Revenues In The Amount of $500,000 And Expenditures In The Amount of $570,000 Within The Police General Fund and Trust Fund Budgets
Amount: $500,000 revenue; $570,000 expenditures
Funding Sources: General, Trust Funds

Ordinance #: 2019-38
Date Approved: 4/2/19
Title: Transferring Existing Appropriations In The Amount Of $6,042,000 And Appropriating $993,000 From Wastewater Fund Balance To The Transportation Capital Projects Fund For The Rosery Road Mobility Project
Amount: $7,035,000
Funding Sources: County Gas TaxLocal Option Sales Tax, Stormwater, Wastewater

Ordinance #: 2019-39
Date Approved: 4/2/19
Title: Amending the FY 2019 Environmental Services Department Wastewater Fund Budget by Appropriating Expenditures in the Amount of $542,000 For State Revolving Loan Fund Administration Services
Amount: $542,000
Funding Sources: Wastewater

Ordinance #: 2019-40
Date Approved: 4/2/19
Title: Amending The FY 2019 Adopted Budget In The Amount Of $96,000 For Hurricane Michael Emergency Response Expenditures
Amount: $96,000
Funding Sources: General

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