If your business is located inside the City of Largo, you are required to possess a City of Largo local business tax receipt. The fees for a local business tax receipt are based primarily upon the type of business and the square footage of the business. You are required to complete a local business tax receipt application, and submit it to the City of Largo, at which time a determination will be made on the fees. Fees generally average from $60 to $150, but may run higher.

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Home Office
If you are operating out of a home office located within the City of Largo, you must complete an Application and Affidavit for a Home Office of Convenience (HOC). For HOC businesses, there is a one-time application fee of $10, and an average annual fee of $52. Rules and regulations pertaining to HOCs are included in the Affidavit.

Business: Any non-Largo business operating within the City of Largo (e.g., cleaning services, lawn service, etc.) is required to register with the City of Largo. If your business holds a valid local business tax receipt from another local jurisdiction, you must present the valid documentation to the Building Division. If your business does not hold a valid local business tax receipt from another local jurisdiction, then you are required to complete the local business tax receipt application.

Contractor: In order to register your contractor business, please provide the State License, Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board card and Local Business Tax Receipt. If someone other than the license holder is to pick up a permit, then we require a notarized letter of authorization. This letter of authorization can be on your company letterhead.

Transferring a Local Business Tax Receipt
If you are either purchasing a company or transferring ownership, you must present the Bill of Sale, along with the current local business tax receipt, co-signed by both the buyer and seller, to the City of Largo. Transfer fees vary from $3 to $25 based on the type and size of the business.

Fictitious Name Registration
If your business name does not contain your first and last name, then you are required by Florida law to register your business name with the State of Florida Division of Corporations. This registration must be completed prior to making application to the City of Largo for a local business tax receipt.

Handyman Business Tax Receipt
The City of Largo will issue a Service and Repair Business Tax Receipt allowing the applicant to perform tasks that do not require a State License issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board.

Solicitor Permits
If you are soliciting (including placing door hangers) in the City of Largo, you will need to obtain a Solicitor Permit. You will need to go to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office 10750 Ulmerton Road for them to perform a background check. Bring the letter that the Sheriff's Office provides to the Building Division along with a passport size photo. You will then complete an application and an identification card. The Solicitor Permit is approved by the City of Largo Police Department.