Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District

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The Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District (CLR-CRD) Plan will establish a framework for future decision-making, detailing projects and programs to steer the long-term growth of the district. With a vision of flexibility, collaboration, inclusivity, and community involvement, the expansion will focus on achievable initiatives to improve livability and foster a vibrant mixed-use area. Explore the dropdowns below to learn more about this initiative and the goals for the CLR-CRD.

The City is developing a district expansion plan and is seeking input from those who work, live, study, own a business, and visit the Clearwater-Largo Road area. Please complete the survey before the end of June 2024! The survey is available in English and Spanish.

clr crd expansion plan

plan background
In June 2020, the City Commission approved a professional services agreement for a finding of necessity analysis for the Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District Expansion, completed by December 2020. In September 2021, an existing Clearwater-Largo Road Redevelopment District Assessment Summary Memorandum was also completed as required by Pinellas County. 

Review the reports and supporting documentation below for more details.

Plan initiative & project timeline
In April 2023, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners authorized the City of Largo Community Redevelopment Agency to update the Clearwater-Largo Road Community Redevelopment District Plan. By September 2023, utilizing funds from a federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant, the City engaged Kimley-Horn and Associates to conduct a comprehensive community analysis and draft the new plan. This initiative aims to provide a flexible, collaborative, and community-driven framework for future decision-making, guiding the long-term growth and development of the CLR-CRD.

Project Timeline
CLR-CRD Project Gantt Chart
goals for clr-crd
  • Improve access to economic opportunity
  • Strengthen property values
  • Foster a strong sense of community pride that is reflective of community history and identity
  • Improve single-family neighborhoods and business areas by eliminating deteriorating sites
  • Improve utilities and infrastructure in neighborhoods and in the business corridor.
  • Increase and maintain affordable housing
  • Encourage civic structures that are locally organized, inclusive and support network building
  • Expand job development and economic growth
  • Improve neighborhood walkability and multimodal access to services
  • Provide shared public spaces/ green spaces and recreation

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