Placemaking is an overarching idea and interactive tool for improving the City of Largo by creating a vision for our future around places the community values. This community vision is realized through the physical implementation of public spaces to meet Largo residents' and businesses' needs and aspirations.

Placemaking fuses the purpose of public spaces and places that are inviting, safe, and aesthetically appealing, with opportunities for public art to inspire community pride. Largo has an opportunity to develop formal and informal placemaking driven by residents connecting a sense of pride with belonging in neighborhoods.
What is placemaking?
Traditional city planning has generally focused on the physical layout of a city and providing essential services, which are vital to a community. By combining the art and science of planning, designing, and managing public spaces to attract people, build community, and create a local identity, Placemaking is an approach to filling in the gaps not always addressed in traditional planning. This approach helps to identify what can make a community great via quality places. 

What are key elements of quality places?
  • Mixed Uses
  • Housing Options
  • Transportation Options
  • Quality Public Spaces
  • Perservation of Historic Structures
  • Community Heritage
  • Arts, Culture, and Creativity
  • Recreation
  • Green Spaces

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