Comprehensive Plan: Forwarding Our Future 2040

Forwarding Our Future
The Comprehensive Plan provides long-range goals, objectives, strategies and policies that focus on the community's vision for the future and development and, when feasible, align them with other local government, regional, state and federal agencies. Several topic areas must be addressed per Section 163.3177, Florida Statutes (F.S.).

Topic Areas

Future Land Use:
The Future Land Use Element provides a strategic framework for the spatial growth and development within the City by determining the physical use of space that will influence how people live.
Transportation: Recently, this auto-centered focus has shifted, and there is a recognition of the importance of planning for all modes of travel and all users, referred to as multimodal transportation.

Housing: Housing is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. It not only provides shelter but also a place to sleep, relax, have personal space, and raise a family if someone chooses. Affordable, safe, and stable housing is vital to people's well-being.

Placemaking: Placemaking is an approach to fill in those gaps. It combines the art and science of planning, designing, and managing public spaces to attract people, build community, and create a local identity.

Natural Resources & Hazard Adaptation: The Largo Planning Area's natural resources and physical features provide the foundation and framework for land use decisions. Our physical environment is a complex system of air, water, soil, vegetation, climate change, wildlife, and their habitats interacting with the often competing interests of society, economic opportunity, and the built environment.

Economic Development: Economic Development is the process of local wealth created by jobs, income, and investment that is supported by the growth and improvements in the social, built, and natural environment. If done effectively, it works to retain and grow jobs and investment within a community.

Education & Youth Involvement: Supporting the youth within the City is one of the greatest investments that can be made. The experience youth have growing up in an area has a strong correlation to how attached they feel to their community.

Public Facilities: The Public Facilities Element addresses the City’s four publicly-provided utility systems: SANITARY SEWER / SOLID WASTE / STORMWATER / WATER CONSERVATION

Capital Improvements Element (CIE): Investments to facilitate public services directly contribute to the quality of life, attract economic growth opportunities, and support the City’s redevelopment goals. The CIE evaluates the need for such public service facilities.

A New Plan for 2040

This Comprehensive Plan, Forwarding Our Future 2040, is the result of extensive review and discussion of existing documents (e.g., the Countywide Plan, the 2017 Strategic Plan, and the Comprehensive Plan’s existing Goals, Objectives, and Policies), the City’s ongoing community conversations, and discussions with representatives and advisory boards of various City departments.

An important purpose of Forwarding Our Future 2040 is to consolidate ideas from multiple sources into a single place so the City presents a unified, comprehensive vision and plan. This enables Forwarding Our Future 2040 to fulfill the responsibilities determined in Chapter 163 F.S. and to take the leadership role in long-range, comprehensive planning while recognizing the important contributions of other agencies and organizations. The comprehensive plan is to reflect changing conditions and desired outcomes by:

  • Engaging the community
  • Reflecting on growth trends and challenges
  • Building on community assets
  • Aligning with State, regional, city, county, and planning priorities
  • Creating innovative solution-based policies
  • Creating a simpler, more user-friendly, illustrative plan

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