Horizon Mural Focus Group

On December 18, 2023, the City of Largo hosted a select group of community members and local business leaders to shape the creative direction of the forthcoming murals for Horizon West Bay. This collaborative session aimed to inspire the selected artists, Vitale Bros., as they embarked on designing murals and indoor art installations throughout the mixed-use project. 

The Vitale Bros. earned a 30-year legacy of artistic brilliance and were selected by the Largo City Commission to lend their creative touch to Horizon. The Vitale Bros. are based in Pinellas County and since 1992, they've painted walls throughout Tampa Bay. Their contributions have significantly elevated St. Petersburg, establishing it as a world-class arts destination. 

The focus group engaged with key stakeholders, fostering a dialogue centered on capturing the essence of Largo’s identity through art. Participants passionately shared insights on imagery, artistic styles, and themes emblematic of both the present and future of Largo to ensure the murals enhance Downtown Largo as a destination for all residents and visitors. 

The Vitale Bros. will work to translate our community’s vision into vibrant artwork and their concept designs will be presented at an upcoming City Commission Work Session. Stay tuned to updates by visiting HorizonWestBay.com and signing up for the Downtown Largo enewletter.