Largo's Extrication Team Takes Home a Big Win!

Largo Fire Rescue’s Extrication Team showcased their unparalleled expertise and dedication, clinching top honors at the prestigious 2023 TERC North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge held in Long Island, NY, October 19-21, 2023. Facing intense competition from across the continent, the team's exceptional performance in various scenarios earned them an impressive array of awards, including the coveted 1st place overall title. 

In preparation for this high-stakes event, each member of the Largo Extrication Team invested countless hours training. Their relentless determination and commitment to excellence were evident as they tackled the challenging scenarios presented at the competition. 

The event comprised three distinct challenges, each testing the team's skills, speed, and precision. The 20-minute Limited scenario, which prohibited the use of hydraulic tools, showcased the team's ingenuity and resourcefulness. In the 20-minute Unlimited scenario, where all tools were allowed, the team demonstrated their mastery, successfully extricating a patient with minor injuries from the vehicle. The final challenge, a 10-minute Rapid extrication with a severely injured patient, highlighted their ability to perform under pressure. 

The Largo Extrication Team's individual responsibilities were evaluated in categories such as Medical, Technical, and Incident Command, further underlining their versatility and proficiency. The results speak volumes about Largo Fire Rescue’s exceptional capabilities.   

  • 1st Place in the Limited (20 min no hydraulic tools) 
  • 1st Place in the Unlimited (20 min hydraulic tools) 
  • 2nd Place in the Rapid (10 min with all tools) 
  • 1st Place Medic (Firefighter Spencer VanBuskirk) 
  • 1st Place Incident Commander (Firefighter Billy Stark) 
  • 1st Place Technical (Firefighters Kyle Parker, Jameson Kinsey, Dane Matta, and Nick LeBlanc) 

These outstanding achievements culminated in their 1st place overall victory, a testament to their unwavering teamwork and expertise. 

"We are immensely proud of the Largo Extrication Team's outstanding success at the 2023 North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge. Their dedication, skill, and exemplary teamwork have brought honor not only to our department but also to the entire Largo community," said Deputy Chief Matt Carpenter, expressing his admiration for the team's accomplishments. 

The Largo Extrication Team's victory reaffirms their status as leaders in the field of vehicle extrication and highlights the exceptional training and professionalism upheld by the Largo Fire Department. Please join us in celebrating their success and superior services provided to the Largo community.