Early Morning Concrete Pours Continue in Downtown Largo

Residents and businesses located in Downtown Largo may notice an early morning start to construction on West Bay Drive. Contractors on the Horizon West Bay project between 4th and 5th St NW continue to lay concrete starting at 5am. This early start allows over a dozen trucks to load concrete in 30-minute intervals before the concrete vendor’s facility's standard operating time. Early morning construction noise may be on various dates until June 2. Trucks on-site are required to back out, so neighbors may hear truck backup warnings.

The City of Largo appreciates your patience as we build this important project that will serve the residents, businesses, and visitors to Largo and inspire economic growth in the downtown area. To learn more about the Horizon West Bay project, please visit HorizonWestBay.com. If you have specific questions, please contact [email protected] or call 727-587-6713 Ext. 402.