Mayor Brown Attends Summit on Flooding & Sea Level Rise

Mayor Woody Brown Joins Two Dozen Mayors and Local Leaders at Summit on Flooding and Sea Level Rise in Washington, D.C.

This June, Mayor Woody Brown attended the American Flood Coalition’s (AFC) Mayor's Summit on Flooding and Sea Level Rise in Washington, D.C. AFC convened two dozen mayors and local leaders to explore and share solutions to flooding and sea-level rise and build relationships with members of Congress and their staff.

As residents in the Tampa Bay area face stronger storms and more frequent flooding, the Summit gave Mayor Brown the opportunity to collaborate with other leaders facing similar challenges.

“The bipartisan infrastructure law presents a unique opportunity to access funding that will help the City of Largo improve our stormwater infrastructure and protect our neighborhoods from flooding. In a whirlwind couple of days, we were able to gain knowledge and connections that will ultimately help all our cities become less susceptible to the catastrophic impact of storms and flooding,”
-Mayor Brown stated.

The three days of roundtable discussions and policy-focused meetings included talks by White House Senior Advisor and Infrastructure Coordinator Mitch Landrieu and high-level officials from the EPA, FEMA, and NOAA. Mayor Brown also met with members of his Congressional delegation.

Additionally, Florida Chief Resilience Officer Wes Brooks, joined by AFC’s State Directors, discussed building state-level resilience. Other topics covered in the Summit include federal funding and resources, policy, communications, and resilience planning.

“As the country faces the impacts of rising seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding, this committed group of local leaders is working toward effective solutions to keep communities safe and build resilience against future flooding,” said AFC Executive Director Melissa Roberts. “The relationships built this week will drive collaborative solutions for years to come.”

The City of Largo remains committed to our efforts to build community resilience. As a result, the City is currently updating its Sustainability and Resilience Action Plan (SRAP) through an equitable, community-led process. The goal is to empower our community to actively support this project by helping lead the City to better understand the factors that determine individual, neighborhood, and community resilience and sustainability. Visit to learn more and view upcoming events to support SRAP.

About the American Flood Coalition
The American Flood Coalition is a nonpartisan group of cities, elected officials, military leaders, businesses, and civic groups that have come together to drive adaptation to the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding through solutions that support flood-affected communities and protect our nation’s residents, economy, and military installations. The Coalition has over 290 members across 21 states and has recognized 29 Federal Champions from 11 states.

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