May is Mental Health Awareness Month

In May, as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the City of Largo wants to encourage our community to take time for their mental health and wellbeing. Recognizing and breaking the stigma of mental health could help to improve symptoms and encourage the likelihood of getting support. Below are a few simple ways that you can quickly boost your mental health, and resources to connect you or a loved one to support services.

Track gratitude and achievement in a journal
Get out a pen and paper and write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you were able to accomplish every day. Seeing your accomplishments on paper can help to remind you of the big and small things in your day that brought you joy.

Take time to laugh
Laughter helps reduce anxiety and is linked to elevated moods. If you’re a fan of comedy shows, check out Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Central Park Performing Arts Center this month for a good belly laugh and fun time.

Connect with the LPD Mental Health Team
The Largo Police Department Mental Health Team provides a coordinated, professional and compassionate police response to individuals affected by mental illness and their families. By working collaboratively with partner agencies, the Mental Health Team can connect you or a loved one with the support services needed. Visit to learn more.

Spend some time with a furry friend 
Animals are amazing stress relief. If you don’t have a pet, spend some time with a friend who does, or visit the SPCA Tampa Bay to find ways to volunteer. The Largo Public Library also offers Pup Pals Reading Dogs for children ages 5-12 on select Saturdays each month, to help improve reading skills in a therapeutic environment. View the Library events calendar for dates and times to register. 

Go on a nature walk or try a new fitness class 
Here in the City of Largo, we are surrounded by award-winning parks and nature trails. Enjoy a walk at one of Largo’s various parks or sign up for a fitness class to support your overall mental health and wellbeing.  

For additional resources to connect you to mental health services, visit