Apply to be a Paid Volunteer for Largo's Sustainability and Resilience Plan

As part of the update of the Largo Sustainability and Resilience Plan, the City of Largo is currently seeking eight individuals to serve as Community Connectors. Connectors will link the City with community groups that currently face vulnerabilities like housing insecurity, poverty, racism, language barriers, and others that can intensify the impacts of climate threats. Connectors will seek input from targeted stakeholders to help determine the city’s priorities.

The update of the Sustainability & Resilience Plan will develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive strategy within both the organization and the community. The City intends to broadly expand the sustainability and resilience of both the organization and the community through a collaborative method that truly reflects the current and future conditions of the City. Empowering the community to actively drive the project process will lead to improvements that accurately portray the true measures that determine individual, neighborhood, and community resilience and sustainability.

To learn more and apply, visit For more information on Largo's sustainability initiatives and to view the Sustainability and Resilience Plan, visit