Woodrow Park Grand Reopening

The construction at Woodrow Park is nearing completion!  The City of Largo invites you and your neighbors to join us for a grand re-opening event for Woodrow Park on Friday, October 6 from 5:30-7:30pm. Enjoy entertainment, music, games, and a sneak peek of the design elements and upgraded park features.

Thank you all for providing your feedback for the Woodrow Park Improvement Project!  Whether you submitted a survey or attended the in-person meeting, we appreciate your input.
  • The park is well-used by the neighborhood and serves all ages
  • There is a need for a dog park in the area
  • The open space in the middle of the park is valuable for kids to run around (do not over-accessorize)
  • Use native plants and environmentally friendly landscaping
The items that are incorporated into the design at Woodrow Park are:
  • Add outdoor exercise equipment
  • Add a water fountain (will request with dog dish component and human fountain)
  • Reconstruct the basketball court
  • Replace the fencing along the south side (next to the houses) with vinyl fencing  (the fencing on the other sides of the park will remain.  
  • Install a public art sculpture
  • In order to foster inclusivity,  an ADA-accessible piece of playground equipment will be added as well as a pathway to the playground to be more ADA accessible.
  • Street lights in the neighborhood (Update: 95% complete)

 We discussed the neighborhood's need for a dog park, and we evaluated both Woodrow Park and Lake Villa Park as options for this.  Due to the greater distance from surrounding houses (in terms of dog barking) and more centralized access to the park, we have determined that Lake Villa would be a more suitable option for a dog park location.  We recognize this was a main priority for the neighborhood, and we will seek to identify funding sources to provide a dog park at Lake Villa Park.  

Woodrow Park is undergoing a large-scale improvement project.  The construction of the project is expected to be completed in 4 months, barring the unforeseen. 

Woodrow Park is closed during the construction of the project.  The City has posted signs at the park notifying park visitors of the park closure.

For questions, please contact Largo Engineering at [email protected] or 727-587-6713 Ext. 4417

Library Box:Woodrow Park
Members of the neighborhood recently completed installation of a free library box at Woodrow Park in partnership with Largo's Neighborhood Grant Program.  This was something identified by the residents as something they would like to have in the park.  

Street Lights:
Neighborhood street lighting improvements are 95% complete!  City staff worked with Duke Energy to plan for these updates to account for and protect the existing tree canopy while improving pedestrian safety in the neighborhood area from 1st Ave NW to 4th Ave NW and from 1st St NW to Clearwater-Largo Road.   Lighting on 1st Ave NW will be added during or after construction of the City Hall site and the adjacent site to the west.

For questions, please contact [email protected] or (727)586-7489 ext. 7212.