Compost Bin Program Successes

The City of Largo continues to expand a commitment to sustainability through a new composting bin program. The program, which provides a free composting bin to Largo residents for their own home use, launched on World Food Day, October 16, 2020. 

Largo team members dug into the data from the bin request form and a follow-up survey and here are some early successes of this new initiative:
  • 555 Largo residents have requested a compost bin since program launch in October 2020.
  • Nearly half of those that requested a bin had never composted before. (Welcome new composters!)
  • Individuals shared that they composted for a variety of reasons including: providing healthy soil for their garden, improving the natural environment, reducing their waste, and reducing their carbon footprint.
Largo residents also shared some of their challenges such as: maintaining the ratio between "browns", "greens" and moister level as well as tips for rotating the compost and incorporating worms (vermicompost). Check out these and other frequently asked questions in the FAQ section on 

Are you ready to start composting? As one resident shared, "Don't be afraid, it's a simple way to decrease the amount of trash and also helps with plants around the house." Request a bin today!