Pinellas County Fertilizer Ban in Effect

The Pinellas County Fertilizer Ban is in effect from June 1 through September 30, strictly prohibiting the sale or use of most lawn and landscape fertilizers as they contain Nitrogen and Phosphorous. Over 70% of Pinellas County waters contain excess amounts of these nutrients every year, causing harmful algae blooms that can even lead to fish kills. Excess nitrogen can lead to decreased water quality and can affect the health of the plants and animals that live in our local waterways.

To ensure the health and quality of our waters, follow these tips during the ban:

  • Do not fertilize your lawn from June 1 through September 30.
  • Immediately clean up fertilizer spills on your driveway, sidewalk or street.
  • Never allow fertilizer, grass clippings, oil or pet waste to be washed into your stormdrains.
  • Use Florida-friendly yard products that contain iron and other micronutrients to ensure you have a healthy lawn and community.
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