City of Largo Encourages Residents to #SaveFoodFL

The City of Largo joins leaders from the Food Conservation Alliance, EPA Region IV, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to team up with Recycle Florida Today, Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean, and Florida Atlantic University to announce the first ever “Florida Food Waste Prevention Week” during the week of April 5-9, 2021.

The City's goal is to raise awareness and inspire a call to action to reduce food waste in our our homes, workplaces and community to ensure a sustainable Largo for generations. 

All Floridians benefit from better utilizing food resources. Food waste reduction begins at home since up to 40 percent of all  food waste occurs in the household. Beyond consumer level behavior changes, Food Waste Prevention Week prompts Floridians to also consider how food is wasted within their workplaces, communities and recreational destinations. Food Waste Prevention Week challenges both organizations and residents throughout the state to become Food Waste Reduction Heroes.  

As Food Waste Reduction Heroes, what are we saving?
  • Up to 3 million tons of annual food waste which could feed the 1 in 5 Floridians that lack consistent access to nutritious food. 
  • A family of four can save on average $1500 per year.   
  • Florida’s critical natural resources of land, water, and energy, used to create otherwise good food that is wasted.
To find how you can participate, follow the City of Largo on Twitter, @CityofLargo, all week long to show how you're a Food Waste Reduction Hero!

Visit to learn how Largo is dedicated to the health of our community and is committed to renewing our natural environment to ensure a sustainable Largo for generations. For more information on the Florida Food Waste Prevention Week, visit