West Bay Drive Trailhead Improvements

In 2016, the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency commenced the design process for the West Bay Drive Trailhead, to improve the connection points form the areas adjacent to the Pinellas Trail, and to beautify the existing biking and pedestrian overpass. One new access bridge has already been constructed along the project area at 4th avenue NW, and two new access points will be added at Washington Avenue and 2 new access points will be added at Washington Avenue and Pine Vista Drive. The next step in this process is improving the existing pedestrian overpass with a new look, on-street parking along 12th Street SW, and trail amenities on both the north and south side of the over pass.

Starting in November 2020, Largo will make improvements to the existing trailhead area adjacent to the Medical Arts District. The area will have enhanced pedestrian access, wider sidewalks, benches, a mid-block crossing for West Bay Drive, and new color and landscape elements for the overpass. The new gateway will provide a rest area on both sides of West Bay Drive that will improve connectivity to Largo's downtown community.

The beautification work is estimated to take place over a period of ten (10) months. Due to the improvements that will take place along the street immediately adjacent to the trail, 12th St SW will experience a temporary closure. During spraying and treatment of the overpass and other work, West Bay Drive will experience intermittent lane closures, and intermittent full closure, with the majority of the work being completed at night. Advance notice will be provided to the public prior to closures. The City’s contractor has provided notice to the businesses and residents in the vicinity of the trailhead area of the upcoming work.

This project aligns with the City’s Strategic Plan Focus Area on Community Pride, and the Initiative to Develop an Active and Interconnected Downtown. This project also aligns with the investments made into the West Bay Drive Corridor Improvements, and the new Downtown Plaza, to improve a vibrant, connected and viable Downtown for all Largo residents and businesses to enjoy.

For questions, contact the Project Manager, Rafal Cieslak, P.E. at rcieslak@largo.com or 727-587-6713.