Largo Police Launches Homeless Outreach Team

The Largo Police Department recently launched a Homeless Outreach Team that positions designated officers, working directly with social service professionals, to focus specifically on supporting people experiencing homelessness by connecting them to services whenever possible, such as: temporary and transitional housing, substance use and addiction support, medical care, and other basic needs (clothing, food, etc.).

This outreach team is informed by a Homelessness Task Team that is a collaboration across City departments including team members from Largo Police, Fire Rescue, Parks, Library and Housing Division. The task team works to discuss and implement improved efforts to address homelessness in the community.

Through collaboration across City departments, public safety and social service partnerships, and continuing to work with regional partners such as Directions for Living, the Homeless Leadership Alliance, and organizations like Showered and Empowered, the City hopes to more consistently direct those experiencing homelessness to services, prevent new or repeat cases of homelessness, and better utilize City and regional partners’ resources. For more information on these efforts, visit  Homeless Outreach Team webpage or email