Largo's Amnesty Program for Past Due Business Tax Receipts Begins July 1

The Largo City Commission has approved a new Business Tax Receipt Amnesty Program for businesses that are not current with their business tax receipt. A business tax receipt is required for any business, profession, or occupation within City limits, and must be renewed annually through the Largo Community Development Department’s Building Division.

The amnesty program applies to existing, established businesses in Largo that have not renewed their business tax receipt for any fiscal year prior to fiscal year 2021. Under the program, both delinquent tax receipts and late fees will be waived if the business fully pays for their business tax receipt for fiscal year 2021. This program is intended to encourage businesses to become current with their business tax receipt and will apply to all businesses, irrespective of whether they had previously applied for, but not completed the business tax receipt process. This amnesty period will run from July 1 through December 31, 2020.

Business tax receipts provide critical information to the Police Department, Fire Rescue and Emergency Medical Services to render assistance during an emergency and the fees support essential City services. City staff  are available to answer questions and provide assistance with the business tax receipt process. For more information, visit, email or call, 727-586-7488.