Residents Asked to Vote to Name US19 Special Area Action Plan (SAP)

The City of Largo is developing a Special Area Plan (SAP) to effectively coordinate land use and development within an approximately 900 acre planning area centered along two primary corridors--US Highway 19 and Roosevelt Boulevard/East Bay Drive. This plan intends to create an attractive, sustainable, and economically vital urban destination that incorporates a higher degree of mixed uses (retail, business, residential), density, and accessibility to multiple modes of transportation.

During community outreach efforts, survey results from over 1,000 participants highlighted that, "a lack of identity and sense of place" is a significant challenge for the area and it was determined that the SAP needs a name! The City of Largo invites you to vote for your favorite of the top five community-selected names for this urban destination (survey closes February 21).

To learn more about the US 19 / Roosevelt Boulevard Special Area Plan, visit