Would You Like to Know More About the City Budget?

HenrySchubert“Our organization continues to focus on building progress and momentum around the strategic goals and vision established by the City Commission.” — Henry P. Schubert, City Manager

The City of Largo is excited to share the Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2020. This budget has been developed through immense teamwork, participation and dedication of team members at all levels, in all departments.

Total Citywide expenditures are $167,699,700 for all funds and include a total of 948.13 full-time positions, including $82,757,200 in the General Fund.


  • Supports continued investment in community infrastructure
  • Takes steps to start the development of a new, mixed-use City Hall in downtown Largo
  • Represents Largo Central Park’s 25th Anniversary
  • Features a worthy celebration of the park that is a centerpiece of the community

The City continues to invest in emergency management preparedness, and will maintain its commitment to public safety with additional Firefighter/Paramedics and Fire Rescue Lieutenants in 2020. By staying disciplined in the commitment toward these goals, this budget will continue that forward progress to being the community of choice in Tampa Bay.

For more information and to test your budget ideas, visit Largo.com/FinancialCenter or share your thoughts at an upcoming meeting:

  • Budget Work Session - August 13, 4pm, Largo City Hall Community Room
  • Budget/Tax Rate First Reading - September 3, 6pm, Largo City Hall City Commission Chambers
  • Budget/Tax Rate Second Reading - September 17, 6pm, Largo City Hall, City Commission Chambers