City of Largo Celebrates Pride Month by Raising Pride Flag

Building the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay means creating a welcoming, equitable and compassionate Largo. Efforts to promote an inclusive city directly support our long-term focus on community pride and sustainability by enhancing the vitality of our community. 
2019-PrideFlag_webTo support these efforts and to join the City's neighbors, including the Cities of Gulfport and St. Petersburg, Largo raised the Pride flag on Tuesday, June 18 to recognize #PrideMonth.

City Commission voted unanimously to raise the flag at the June 11, 2019 City Commission Meeting with the online community in support of Largo Leaders' decision. The Facebook announcement performed four times better than an average post and generated 85% positive engagement. Comments included praise and thanks to our leaders.
City leadership, staff and community members joined together to raise the Pride flag, in celebration of the unique attributes and perspectives of all individuals that make up the City's diverse community.