Proposed Traffic Calming Policy Allows Residents to Request Lower Speed Limits

At the request of the Largo City Commission, Largo’s Engineering Services proposed an updated Traffic Calming Policy at the Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Commission Work Session. The proposed policy would allow residents to request lower speed limits or traffic-calming measures, such as residential speed tables or traffic circles, by submitting an application to Engineering for review.

How It Works
If the application meets the criteria (or If approved,) Engineering Services would then provide the applicant with a recommendation for speed limit reduction and a petition for property owners to sign. Written approval from sixty percent of the affected property owners would be needed for the request to proceed.

Once the petition is accepted, Engineering would present an ordinance to City Commission for approval on a quarterly or as needed basis for the speed limit reduction. If approved by the City Commission, Engineering Services would then notify residents of the speed limit reduction and work with the Public Works Department to schedule installation of the new speed limit signs.

What's Next
Engineering Services and the Interdepartmental Traffic Calming Committee are currently maintaining a list of the previously requested areas, and plan to keep the community and City leaders informed of the next steps and progress being made in coming months. For more information, please contact Engineering at or 727-587-6713.

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