Sustainability Spotlight: Mayshrooms Mushroom

The City of Largo is proud to welcome Mayshrooms, a zero-waste, urban, gourmet mushroom farm, to the area! Mayshrooms, founded by Monica May, her twin sister Megan May-Martinez, and Adam Martinez, a City of Largo Firefighter, is excited to start their business in Largo, “The city has gone above and beyond to help us feel welcome and to connect us to other businesses that might want to partner with us. They are very accommodating and helpful to new entrepreneurs.”

Monica, Megan and Adam are passionate about owning a business that represents the values they live by every day, which is why these sisters used the experience of childhood gardening with their grandmother to guide them to starting Mayshrooms. So what makes them unique? Using sawdust from Weiss Hardwoods, and coffee grounds from TechData and Haus Coffee, Mayshrooms is able to grow about 50 pounds of mushrooms per week while producing a negative carbon footprint. As Monica explained, “When coffee grounds decompose, they produce CO2 (a greenhouse gas) for about two weeks after they are used. We garden with those used coffee grounds and keep them out of landfills. At the end of our cultivation process, we provide the used "soil" to local gardeners and gardens to reuse, thus keeping the coffee grounds and other materials from producing harmful greenhouse gases.”

 The team is excited to grow (no pun intended!) from selling to their current customers, St. Pete's Grace Restaurant, and local chefs like Wil Wagner, to selling at local farmers markets: "In the not so distant future we will sell mushroom cultures, inoculated mushroom spawn, and at home grow kits.” The Mayshrooms team is very passionate about protecting and improving our environment and our community, which is why the City of Largo is proud that Mayshrooms has called our city home! We look forward to seeing what this new business produces and are excited to have another partner in keeping Largo sustainable for future generations. Visit to learn more about Mayshrooms and their story.

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Article Written by Kathleen Beckman, Largo Community Ambassador