Downtown City Hall

Should City Hall move to downtown Largo? The exciting possibilites of reconstructing City Hall as a mixed-use building in Downtown was unofficially supported by City Commission at the 2019 Commission Retreat. 

City Hall is in need of major structural repairs, lacks meeting room space and availability, provides technology challenges and is not sustainable in the event of a significant storm. At the April 9 City Commission Work Session, City Manager Schubert and project team leaders explained these recommendations for a move downtown,  noting that a vibrant and active Downtown has also been identified as a community value and as a strategic initiative.

With a mixed-use building offering not only city services but also potentially providing private partnerships, such as retail or coffee shops to keep the lights on Downtown at night, this initiative could be achieved.

With formal Commission adoption of the 2020 budget, the project may kick-off, and we need your input so we can make plans for the future. Do you think City Hall should head Downtown? Share your feedback below or at Be sure to stay tuned for more updates to come!