Largo's Going Plastic Free

Largo City Commissioners voted to make a cleaner, more sustainable community by approving an ordinance that would prevent certain single-use plastic items on City property. The ban that will go in effect on July 1, 2019, and will prevent foam and plastic products such as plates, cups, and straws from being distributed on City property. This includes at City functions and at special events such but does not pertain to personal use such as families renting a pavilion in Largo Central Park.

Why the ban? Plastics never break down in the environment but do break apart into smaller pieces known as microplastics. These microplastics pollute our waterways and are eaten by wildlife, including the fish that we then may consume. By using eco-friendly alternatives such as paper, the City of Largo is protecting the long-term economic and environmental health of our community. These efforts are part of the City’s sustainability goals as outlined in the Largo Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) and support the City’s Strategic Plan initiatives. Visit for more information about the ordinance.