What is Florida's Amendment 1?

On November 6, voters will decide on a proposed statewide amendment that would provide an additional homestead property tax exemption for certain primary residences on Assessed Value from $100,000-$125,000. The amendment would take effect Jan 1, 2019.

How Does Amendment  1 Impact Our Community?

The Property Appraiser’s database, which categorizes all property in Pinellas County, determined that 2 in 3 homes would not qualify for additional exemption on property taxes, with one-third of homes estimated to save. Businesses and renters do not qualify.

According to the Property Appraiser's office, the fiscal impact of Amendment 1 is a $42.5 million projected loss in government funds for essential public services such as fire, EMS, police libraries, parks and more.

Would You Qualify for the Third Homestead Exemption?
Find out if you will receive an additional exemption from the proposed third Homestead Exemption on the Nov 6, 2018 ballot by visiting this tax calculator created by the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office. You can also view the General Fund impact of Amendment 1 on Largo's interactive budget tool.

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