2nd Avenue SW Area Sidewalk and Roadway Improvement Project

The City is moving forward with improvements to the 2nd Avenue SW area to include roadway resurfacing, sidewalk installation, ADA enhancements, and minor drainage improvements to the project area depicted below in green. Notification letters have been sent to residents. Please note the following information:
  • Construction is scheduled to begin September 2018, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, and estimate to complete in Spring 2019.

  • Inconveniences during construction (temporary lane closures, intermittent access to sidewalks and driveways, etc.) will be kept to a minimum. The contractor will provide notice via door hangers if impacting driveway access.

Special note:

  • Property owners must remove private property items from the right-of-way such as gardens, landscaping, signs, fences, decorations, etc., prior to construction. Be advised fences along the public right-of-way may be removed / re-installed by the contractor.

  • Any irrigation systems impacted by the construction shall be restored should it require limited removal. Coordination with residents may be required.

Construction Updates:

  • Construction activities such as staging, survey layout may occur, but no ground breaking prior to September 4th.

Thank you in advance for your patienceas the City of Largo makes positive road and sidewalk improvements to your area.

If you have any questions, please contact Khang Nguyen, P.E., at (727) 587-6713, extension 4409.