Get Engaged With Largo's NEW Online Community Budget App

The City of Largo is proud to introduce its new online community budget input app, Balancing Act, designed to make the budget process more accessible to the Largo community.

With Balancing Act, residents can learn about the City's General Fund budget, adjust revenues and expenditures to create a balanced budget, while providing feedback to City Leaders on budget decisions. Engage in the budget process by choosing to increase funding for programs, decreasing taxes, trimming expenditures, or sharing comments all while balancing the City budget.

“We are excited for Largo to provide the Balancing Act application to our community, so they can more easily be a part of the budgeting process,” said City of Largo Office of Performance and Budget Director, Meridy Semones. “We look forward to community engagement to help determine what our future Largo will look like.”

To launch the app, visit Feedback received through Balancing Act will be reviewed by City Commission and City leaders in the next few months. The community is also encouraged to engage further by attending the upcoming Budget Work Sessions, public hearings or by emailing