Rosery Road Phase 2 of Roadway Improvements

Rosery Road connects two neighborhood activity centers in north Downtown to the Pinellas Trail and Eagle Lake County Park. The corridor has been divided into two phases.

Phase I Improvements, from Pinellas Trail to Missouri Avenue, began design in 2018 and construction in 2019. As Phase I construction neared completion, the community and City Commission requested that design for roadway modifications in front of Walmart, from Missouri Avenue to the Walmart truck entrance, be added to the project. Construction for Phase I, including the addition east of Missouri Avenue, was completed in 2022. Phase II, from Teakwood Village to Eagle Lake County Park, is currently programmed for design in 2023 and is planned for construction in 2023/2024.

Phase II of the project will include the following: 
  • Improvements: Roadway rehabilitation, multi-use path, sidewalks, mid-block crossings, and intersection improvements 
  • Other Considerations: Assessment of drainage and stormwater infrastructure needs, traffic calming 
  • Intended outcomes:
    • Improve transportation infrastructure for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians
    • Improve east-west connection between Pinellas Trail and Eagle Lake Park  
Take the survey before February 10 in English or Spanish to share your use of Rosery Road and perspective on roadway updates including potential traffic calming methods. 

Transportation investments serve as a catalyst for transformative redevelopment, particularly through the implementation of “Complete Streets” projects. Complete Streets are designed, operated and maintained for all users, regardless of age or ability, based on the context of the roadway and its surrounding area. The outcome of these elements includes providing opportunities for placemaking through, the interaction between people and fostering healthier, more social, and economically viable communities.

For specific questions about this project, please contact Largo Engineering Services at 727-587-6713 Ext. 4433.

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