Largo Raises Awareness of Mental Health Resources

For 68 years, the month of May has been recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM). It is a month that organizations use to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health. The City of Largo is using this month as an opportunity to educate residents about recognizing individuals who may be exhibiting unusual behavior and educating the community on local resources available for support.

When you or someone you love is dealing with a mental health concern, sometimes it’s a lot to handle. It’s important to remember that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable. People experience symptoms of mental illnesses differently—and some engage in potentially dangerous or risky behaviors to avoid or cover up symptoms of a problem. There are local resources available to help individuals such as 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares, Empath Health, Pinellas Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the PEMHS Crisis/Suicide hotline and the Suncoast Center among others.

The Largo Police Department offers training on spotting suspicious behaviors and crime prevention. Residents and businesses are encouraged to utilize these services by contacting the Police Department.

“When we engage in prevention and early identification, we can help reduce the burden of mental illness by pinpointing symptoms and warning signs early—and then providing meaningful treatment," said Woody Brown, City of Largo Mayor. “We need to speak up early and educate people about what suspicious behavior looks like and how actions can help protect the community".

2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares 2-1-1
Directions for Living 727-524-4464
Empath Health, Community Counseling 727-523-3451
National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline (National) 800-950-6264
National Alliance on Mental Illness-Pinellas Chapter 727-791-9434
Peer support helpline 727-600-5838
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK
PEMHS Crisis/Suicide hotline 727-791-3131
Suncoast Center 727-388-1220