Senior Services

Largo Police Department’s Senior Services Division provides innovative community resources and interagency coordination to provide superior services to Largo seniors through community connections that can help to improve their quality of life as well as reduce crime and the fear of crime. Senior residents and caregivers may find themselves in the difficult position of facing various aging-related concerns such as healthcare problems, cognitive decline, homelessness and many others, and simply do not know where to turn. In these cases, LPD Senior Services may be able to help. Oftentimes there are community resources available that residents may not know about – LPD Senior Services can assist in navigating these challenges.
JoelQ-2Officer Joel Quattlebaum has been a police officer with the City of Largo for the past 6 years. Officer Quattlebaum has served in several capacities within the Department to include Patrol, Problem Oriented Policing Unit, CISM Team, and also serves as a High Liability Instructor. He has received several awards to include both the LPD Agency Meritorious Service Award and Distinguished Service Award, Largo Chamber of Commerce Inspire Award, and numerous others. Officer Quattlebaum additionally serves in the United States Marine Corps as a Sergeant wherein he supports and augments national security interests through mission readiness and Unit training.  Officer Quattlebaum has served the community as Largo PD's Senior Services Officer for the past 4 years. The position provides a rewarding opportunity to effect real-life positive changes in resident’s quality of life and facilitate connecting struggling seniors with valuable community resources, as well as to protect vulnerable elderly residents from fraud and exploitation.

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