In March 2024, the Homeless Outreach Team encountered a man who had been living unhoused for several months. The individual also experienced substance abuse challenges and had grown accustomed to living on the street. After several attempts of Officer Malandro and Specialist Todd Nutbrown encouraging the individual, he accepted support to attend a rehab program through Operation Par and has now transitioned to temporary housing and has secured a full-time job through local program support.  

In Winter 2023/2024 the Homeless Outreach Team successfully referred two individuals to the Homeless Empowerment Program, with which the City has a new partnership contract using American Rescue Plan Act federal funding. Through this program the individuals received basic needs services, health and wellness support, and recently moved into transitional housing. 

The Homeless Outreach Team recently met an individual experiencing homelessness that also had significant hearing loss and did not have working hearing aids. The outreach team was committed to finding a way to communicate with this resident and ultimately was able to refer them to medical services, a rapid re-housing program, and fitted with hearing aids. 

The Homeless Outreach Team encountered a man in his early thirties experiencing homelessness who had a master's degree in engineering but because of his mental health issues and substance abuse was living on the street. The team learned more details of the individual's life prior to the onset of his mental illness, and dedicated themselves to find a local program that could help him. Through partnerships with his attorney, family and PEMHS they were able to get him off the street and into long term treatment. 

These success stories reflect the complexities of homelessness: 
  • One size does not fit all - People become homeless for various reasons or have different hurdles to climb, which requires an individualized approach to get stably housed. 
  • It takes time - Someone may not be ready or trusting to accept assistance for shelter and housing right away - It can take multiple interactions (an estimated 8-15 times) with the Homeless Outreach Team before someone accepts help. 
  • Housing options are limited – With the recent housing market, it is taking longer to find homes for people experiencing homelessness. 
  • Increase in homelessness among seniors – With increasing costs of living, more and more seniors are finding themselves on the brink of homelessness or experiencing homelessness. 

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