Commendation & Complaint Procedure

To report a police commendation or complaint regarding Largo Police, email [email protected] or call 727-587-6740 Ext. 3009. If you wish to report a crime, please contact the non-emergency Largo Police Dispatch line at 727-587-6730.

It is the policy of the Largo Police Department that extraordinary efforts by our employees, which reflect positively on the department or the police service in general, be officially recorded and recognized.

Any employee, whether full-time, part-time or volunteer, may be recognized for actions or activities occurring on-duty or off-duty. There is no limitation placed on the type of activity that may cause nomination for recognition. Commendations are recognized by either written acknowledgments or department awards to the employee. You may commend an employee in person, email, letter, phone or by notifying the Office of Professional Standards.
The Office of Professional Standards Lieutenant is charged with overseeing all investigations and that complaints are handled in a fair and thorough manner. The members of the Largo Police Department pride themselves on a tradition of excellence of service. Our department is a customer service oriented organization and our goal is to provide the best possible service. We also recognize that we do make mistakes. It is important that we learn from those mistakes. We wish to earnestly review these complaints and to thoroughly document each complaint. It is also important to document complaints to protect officers from unjust accusations. Any person, regardless of status, who wishes to make an inquiry regarding the performance of a Largo Police employee or Largo Police policy may do so.

Complaints will be accepted by the Office of Professional Standards by calling 727-587-6740 Ext. 3009, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. To file a complaint after normal business hours, or on weekends and holidays, call the on-duty Shift Supervisor at 727-587-6730. Citizens may also notify the Office of Professional Standards via email

What types of complaints will not be accepted for investigation?
  • Complaints by third parties, unless the complaint is unable or unavailable to make or file a complaint.
  • Complaints relating solely to the facts or merit of a criminal charge, arrest, or traffic citation, when there is no allegation of misconduct or incompetence. Such complaints are properly handled in the courts.
  • Anonymous complaints, unless alleging criminal conduct, will be investigated solely at the discretion of the Chief of Police or Deputy Chief of Police.

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