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With a 70% participation rate, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and I were impressed with your willingness to provide feedback in the 2019 Team Largo Survey. The survey results were presented at an ELT meeting on June 26, to gain insight and begin discussions on actionable next steps.

Overall, we heard that you value when the City Commission and Leadership visit Departments and attend events. Although most of you love the employee picnic, some can't always make it to City Hall for lunch. The wellness programs are important to you, as well as the Employee of the Quarter program and Service Awards. The majority of individuals are encouraging the organization to evaluate policies and processes, and you noted that you value a creative work environment that aligns with our values. We now know you also want to learn more about the organization's vision and budget process and how that aligns with our Strategic Plan.

The good news is, your voice has been heard. Some ideas that were easy to implement and have already launched. For example, enhancements have been made in the New Employee Orientation program. The Monday Morning Briefing is now electronic making it more accessible and user-friendly. The picnic took to the road to visit off-site facilities at more convenient times and locations. You can subscribe to a new Zimbra Team Largo Event calendar to make sure you don't miss any volunteer opportunities, Taco-Tuesdays or the upcoming City of Largo Rays Day.

It doesn't end with easy. In August, the Executive Leadership team will be diving deeper into discussions about some of the larger topics. The results will be a new set of goals to guide an action plan. The future also holds an opportunity to form an on-going Employee Engagement Committee to identify needs and wants within our work culture. Also launching this summer is an internal website that will increase internal communications and provide centralized access to team tools and training opportunities.

While the organization boasts that 82 percent of individuals are proud to work for the City of Largo, let's work together toward 100 percent. The City of Largo seeks to provide an environment where every team member is valued, included and performing at their best. You are encouraged to bring your unique self to work every day and help bring out the best in others. When we listen to all perspectives, better decisions are made and we can succeed together. Continuous Input is encouraged and accepted by emailing When you choose to be part of our team providing superior service, you help make Largo the Community of Choice in Tampa Bay!

Henry P. Schubert
City Manager

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