Commercial & Industrial Users

Largo's Environmental Control Division helps to test and analyze the quality of our sewer, or wastewater, and to ensure the community complies with State standards. They also issue all permits to industrial, commercial and privately owned collection systems and perform commercial grease trap inspections. To learn more about sewer water or reclaimed water call 727-507-4460.

Commercial User Program

City of Largo Ordinance, Section 23-120, requires all food service establishments, commercial laundry facilities, car washes, and automotive facilities necessitating the use of oil water separators located in the City of Largo's sanitary sewer service area to obtain a Commercial User Wastewater Discharge Permit from the City of Largo prior to commencing operations. Once you have submitted an application, you will be contacted by email if additional information is required.  A permit invoice will be issued in the amount of $100.00.

Commercial Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Commercial customers are encouraged to visit our Document Center for forms related to permitting, inspection, disposal and other issues. For questions regarding commercial wastewater services call 727-507-4460.

Industrial Pretreatment

The goal of the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is to prevent harmful or toxic pollutants from entering the City of Largo's sanitary sewer system. To accomplish this goal, the IPP program provides for permitting, inspecting, and water quality analysis of discharges from industries such as chrome plating, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, and solid and liquid waste processing. The City's industrial pretreatment program is essential to protecting the environment and the health of our citizens. The IPP program is designed to meet the requirements of Chapter 62-625 of the Florida Administrative Code.

Industrial customers are encouraged to visit our Document Center for forms related to permitting, inspection, disposal and other issues. For questions regarding this service, please call 727-518-3078.

Other Issues

For issues unrelated to wastewater services such as potholes, stormdrains, parks, hazardous waste disposal or animal services please visit our "Report and Issue" page. 

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