Residential Annexation

All unincorporated areas located within Largo's boundary are eligible to receive in-City services by submitting an Annexation Agreement signed by the property owner(s). The Annexation Agreement means that the owner's property will become incorporated into the City Limits once it becomes eligible, but in the meantime will be provided in-City services.

Forward Pinellas, a third party agency, provides an unbiased resource that allows unincorporated residents to estimate the difference in annual taxes and fees before and after annexation. The Truth in Annexation Worksheet allows property owners to input their own information in order to determine whether it would be beneficial to annex into a City based on their usage.

To get started, you may call  727-586-7360, Option 1  or email [email protected]  to receive a pre-filled out agreement via email or mail.

The following programs and services are available with an Annexation Agreement:

  • Solid waste collection
  • Recycling collection
  • In-City rates for recreation services
  • Removal of 25% sanitary sewer surcharge for properties connected to Largo's sanitary sewer system.
  • Access to reclaimed water (where available)

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