Short Term Rentals

Are you interested in operating a short-term rental within the city of Largo? If so, please read the information on this page carefully. We want to assist you in setting up your short-term rental property and to avoid any unnecessary delays. You can find necessary forms under the "Documents" tab to the left.

Please note that you are required to have two separate inspections prior to renting your property. These inspections include a compliance inspection conducted by the Community Standards Division and then a Life Safety inspection conducted by the Fire Department. Inspections must be completed in that order. Failure to obtain the required inspections may lead to delays in starting your business and/or other consequences related to violation of the established code. Please contact the following departments to schedule your inspections.

First Inspection: City of Largo Community Standards Division: (727) 587-6799
Second Inspection: City of Largo Fire Department: (727) 587-6740.    

Do you have a complaint about a short-term rental? Please contact Community Standards at (727)587-6799.

The City of Largo has adopted regulations for short term rentals and here are a few frequently asked questions that help explain the regulations:

Is my property a short term rental?

Requirements for short term rentals.

What are the City's rules for short term rentals?

What if I have questions?